Turkey and Goose size and cooking guides

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I'm sure many of you have ordered a goose or turkey and are looking forward to eating them.

After having a chat with a few customers though we realised a few people might be trying these birds for the first time and don't know how to cook it! After realising this we had a quick look online and found a couple of recipes and extra information to give you some ideas.

Have a look at the websites below and use them as a guide to make your own extra special roast dinner.

Don't stop here though, have a look around for more recipes and ideas!

Goose/turkey crown weights and cooking times

Size Weight (kg)

Cooking time (hours) *

Small 3 - 4 2 4-5
Medium 4 - 5 2 - 2.5 6
Large 5 - 6 2.5 - 3 8


Whole turkey weights and cooking times

Size Weight (kg)

Cooking time (hours) *

Small 5 - 6 2 - 2.5 9
Medium 6 - 7 2.5 - 3 11
Large 7 - 8 3.5 13
Extra large 8 - 9 4

15 - 18



  • If you wrap the bird tightly in foil it will take longer to cook but keep it moist and provide a great gravy.
  • Surplus goose fat makes for excellent roast potatoes and parsnips.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment! Use the recipes and information as guides but if you don't have all the ingredients, or think something could do with replacing then do it! Experimenting is what cooking is all about ;)



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