Lamb, Hogget, Mutton?

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What's in a name? That which we call a sheep. By any other name would taste as sweet...
A sheep's life starts at milk-lamb, this is before they are weaned from the mother and we personally do not provide this as it can prove negative to the mother and the lamb is still developing.
Spring lamb, around six months old lambs are fully weaned and developed, but still small and have a delicate flavour.  Especially tender and ideal for roasting joints (e.g leg and shoulder) 
Hogget is the term for a lamb between one and two years old. The meat tends to have a darker red colour than meat from the younger lambs and a slightly richer flavor.
Mutton is an adult lamb, over two years old. The meat now is far tougher, fattier and has a very strong flavour. Delicious in stews, slow roasts and curries but not recommended for grilling, frying or a typical roast!
The term 'Lamb' is used to apply to any sheep from six months to two years old, this means the flavour can vary from the tender delicate spring lamb to the richer but still tender hogget. The taste difference is subtle and we will announce when our new season lamb is available. 

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