Special Turkey Offer

October 18, 2019, comments, on

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We're making this Christmas extra special with an INCREASING discount for your turkey, with a chance to get your turkey totally FREE!


How does it work?

  1. Place your order for turkey with us and record your order number. (e.g #1234)
  2. Tell your friends to quote your order number in their order comments when they place their order (Only one order number can be quoted per turkey)
  3. For each friend that places their own order for turkey, you will receive a further 10% off your turkey!


Is there a limit to how many discounts can be applied?

No limit, so if you have 3 friends who each order a turkey and quote your order number you will receive 30% off your order. 

Up to 100% off your turkey.


How will the discount be applied?

This discount will be applied after final sales (5th December) and applied as a credit code. Our credits do not have a time limit and can be used across all our website for any produce, camping, events and workshops.




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