"The world is our community and charity starts at home"

When placing your order on our website you are given the option to make a donation to our local Oxford Homeless Shelter.  


We've worked with this charity for many years, donating eggs, meat and other produce.  Now you can select to make a donation anytime you place an order with us.


At the checkout panel you have the option to donate £5.00, £20.00 or "other amount". We will then send produce to this value to the shelter with our weekly deliveries.

 - £5.00 will feed one person for a day.

 - £20.00 will feed one family for a day.

 - The third option is up to you, you can give as little or as much as you feel you can.

We feel that the homeless situation in the UK is a serious one, especially with the recent influx of refugees from across the world and The Middle East in particular.  
The Oxford Homeless Shelter provides emergency accommodation and resettlement for around 70 people on a daily basis. They provide a base from which homeless people can move into independent accommodation and successfully integrate into the community.