Dr. Lutfi and Ruby - The Visionaries


Dissatisfied with the "halal meat" available Ruby and Lutfi dreamt of starting their own farm in Oxfordshire. In 2002 they took the plunge, quit their jobs, sold their house, bought a caravan and a 45 acre plot of land... and so began Willowbrook Farm!


Before Willowbrook Farm, Lutfi worked as an agricultural consultant and researcher whilst also lecturing at Oxford University. He developed an deep awareness of the importance of an Islamic ethic at the heart of environmentalism and stewardship of nature.


Ruby's background was social sciences and she taught at a private tutorial college in Oxford whilst also raising a growing family and working as an alternative therapist. Ruby's holistic appreciation of life was the foundation of their desire to pursue a healthy and organic lifestyle.


Since 2002 the family and farm have both grown beautifully into what they are today, whilst keeping our values and ideals firmly the same.