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Whole Turkey Breast (boned & rolled)

An extra large boned & rolled whole turkey breast.


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Turkey Breast

Individual turkey breast fillet.


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Turkey Mini-breasts (Goujon/Wishbone)

Turkey breast wishbone/goujon, sliced into small pieces.

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Whole Bronze Turkey

Our traditional bronze turkey are natural and slow growing, they gain a healthy muscle and flavour in their life instead of intensive weight gain at an accelerated rate. The result is a flavoursome healthy bird with a full rich flavour that led true a natural and free range life. Hand plucked and hung to improve taste they are a real treat for Christmas!


Small 5-6kg

Medium 6-7kg

Large 7-8kg


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Turkey Thigh

Turkey thighs, very large and very juicy!

One per pack, boned & rolled.


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Turkey Drumstick

These huge turkey drumsticks are from our own traditional bronze turkeys reared slowly on the farm. Delicious, meaty and limited availability!

1 per pack



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Turkey Carcass 1/2

Amazing for stock, turkey carcasses have a deep rich full flavour. Pressure cook for half an hour with onions and spices and you have your own delicious stock, free from all the salt, additives and chemicals found in normal stock cubes.
This is only a half of a carcass, a whole turkey carcass is massive!