Autumn Activities - Sunday 28th October

October 09, 2018, comments, on Events

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We're organising two great events this Sunday 28th, we'll start the day off with Pumpkin Carving, followed by seasonal home-cooked lunch and then in the evening get ready for Zombie man-hunt!


Pumpkin Carving: 10am - 1:00pm

£5 per person + £5 per pumpkin!


Arrive and set up in cafe with your friends and family, choose your pumpkin and get carving! You can use our ideas and templates, or get creative and make your own personal designs.


Suitable for all ages. Children must be supervised by parent/guardian at all times due to the use of knives and carving tools. We will be providing all the tools necessary, however if you have your own suitable knives please do bring them.


All pumpkin waste can be fed to the chickens at the end of the session.


Lunch: 1:00pm - 2:00pm

If you are attending either the Pumpkin Carving or Zombie Man-hunt then you are welcome to stay for the lunch period and also walk around the farm. 


Zombie Man-hunt: 2:00pm - 4:00pm

£20 per person


If you haven't played man-hunt before, it's like the game of tag, but once you catch a player you're BOTH catchers. Yes, just like the real zombie infection!  


Our zombies (staff) will be roaming the farm, while you guys have to run away and evade zombification (capture) for one hour. After one hour is up there will be an announcement made from Head Quarters that rescue is on it's way and you have 15 minutes to reach extraction point before game over! Anyone not safe when extraction is over will be left for dead and at the mercy of the zombie horde.


Now if you know your zombie trivia, these will be 28 days later 'rage virus' Zombies, that means they can see you, hear you and most importantly run after you! Not the classic 'fast walk!' - that's too easy ;)


Suitable for ages 16+, once caught you will have washable red paint applied to your hands and top so others know you've been infected. Please bear this in mind when choosing what to wear! 


Please bring a mobile phone so we can contact you from H.Q. during the game and to give you extraction details...if you survive!


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