Organically Cured Lamb Fleeces

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Cured by the only organic tanner in the UK, these full sized plush lamb fleeces are ideal for a new baby or to add a touch of warmth to any room, seat or even bed!


Our fleeces are processed at the only certified organic tannery in the UK. They make ideal gifts especially for a newborn child as they are unlikely to trigger allergies and can even be machine-washed!

It's well known that babies settle quicker and sleep better on these fleeces than on normal mattresses. They also help premature babies regulate their own temperature naturally and can even aid their digestion. Super warm and extra fluffy each fleece is just over 1 meter long and 70cm wide. Perfect for children and adults!

Colours may vary, usually gold, white or patches of brown/black. Email for current photos.


We can also offer these at £105 to you with your order of a whole lamb!


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