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This course is running on the same weekend as our Festival on the 28th & 29th July and an Open Day on the 17th June, however you do NOT need a separate ticket to attend the festival or Open Day as this course will take up the majority of the day.


Tickets are non-refundable - Full terms and conditions here
Food and camping is not included with tickets.


Photographs, sometimes you get a good one, sometimes it's too dark or bright. Sometimes it's just disappointing and doesn't match the scene. Frustrating isn't it?


Your camera is a beautifully made, highly complex and totally amazing image capturing device….Unfortunately it’s also an idiot because it doesn’t have­ a creative brain!


There are beautiful images all around us - ­ the trick is being able to see and execute them.


Spend a day with a professional photographer and others just like you in a beautiful countryside location and learn the tricks of the trade.


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About the Teacher

Ayub Khan is an acomplished photographer whose abilities range from landscapes, food, portraits and nature photography. This is especially showcased in his macro photography with its unique ability to bring to vision what often cannot be seen with the naked eye.
With a background in Science and IT, Ayub explores the intricacies of technical photography but his passion remains in the Natural world. His images reflect the diversity of fields he photographs, from travels in Africa, to the beauty in Nature and the timeless beauty of a human expression -- bringing to view what often lies beneath the simple look of the eyes or a gesture.
A teacher as well as an eager student, Ayub loves to pass on his knowledge by helping others explore the beauty of the art of photography. He runs workshops in the UK as well as abroad and is also involved with local schools and organisations linked with wildlife and preservation of Nature, helping educate about the importance of insects and Nature in our ecosystem.


What Will I Learn from this Masterclass?


Intensive photography training in the classroom (25%) and on location (75%)


What is a good or bad photo

How to 'find' the photo

Which lens / focal length / zoom setting to use for each shot

How light works

How to find the right camera settings

Exposure - how to control it and what is 'correct'

How you, instead of your camera, can get in control of your photography


You don't have to be an 'expert' - you just need to know what is meant by things like shutter speed, aperture priority, ISO and to know where they are on your camera.

To find them you may need to look in your handbook. I'm sorry but every camera made has these things in a different place so I can't tell you precisely where they are on yours.



The Day

12.00pm: Explanation and the theory behind photography.
  • Why cameras get it wrong
  • Controlling exposure
  • How to use different lenses and zooms for brilliant photos
  • Simple strategy for amazing compositions
1:00pm: Put this into practise and try what you’ve learnt!
2.00pm: Lunch (not included): Food stalls serving homemade soups, sandwiches and drinks.  
An opportunity to chat about photography, compare images from the morning and ask questions.
3.00pm: More practise! A longer session to really get a handle and take a range of photos over the whole farmland and festival.
5.00pm: Finish


In this class we will:

  • Concentrate on seeing / finding images

  • Work on understanding light

  • Exploit focal lengths creatively

  • Explain how to find settings to achieve Your image

  • Go in depth with the photographers thought process

In this class we will not:

  • Explain what each knob and button does

  • Delve into camera menus (each camera is different)

  • Preach about which camera / lens / kit is 'best'

  • Promote gadgets and tech

  • Do settings for you (You'll learn how to find your own)

So everyone knows the basics of camera controls before we begin - Do some prep work before the course!