Meet the Family


Here is a short description for each member of our family and staff.

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Dr. Lutfi and Ruby - The Visionaries


Dissatisfied with the "halal meat" available Ruby and Lutfi dreamt of starting their own farm in Oxfordshire. In 2002 they took the plunge, quit their jobs, sold their house, bought a caravan and a 45 acre plot of land... and so began Willowbrook Farm!


Asiyla - The Artist

The eldest child and most artistic of the family, Asiyla is behind all our great graphic and logo designs. Having comppleted her degree in Fine Art at Oxford University she is now working in London, but is always ready to help out on the family farm when needed, especially planning events and cool activities for our Summer Festival!


Camilla - The Horse Whisperer

Currently studying A-levels Camilla balances her revision and schooling with caring for her beloved pony Gracie. Always happy to help out on the farm during weekends and school holidays Camilla's energy and laughter really brightens up up the farm.

Ali - The Rascal

The youngest of the Radwan Family, Ali is always helping on the farm. Every weekend he is manning our stall at the local farmers market and working on our Open days cooking burgers and running the anmal petting. Every year he helps bottle feeding our young lambs and learning about farming from his parents and older siblings.


Khalil - The Understudy

Nothing is impossible in Khalil's mind, if he want's to do something he jumps in with both feet and achieves where others may not. Great for getting tasks started and progressing, however this may mean a few mistakes along the way!

Adam - The Musician

Adam's calm and meticulous nature ensures tasks are completed to the last detail, this is crucial on a farm when there's always so much to do! His main focus on the farm is the Veg Garden, following a strict planting and harvesting schedule our veg patch has never looked so good!


Lamia - The Young Mother

After studying Genetics at Leicester University Lamia married Khalil and settled into the farm life. Lamia organises and packs the eggs for our local deliveries and works with Chris packing and dispatching the weekly orders.