At Willowbrook we manage our farm according to the principles of natural, welfare friendly farming. We strive to provide a totally chemical and pesticide-free haven. We do not place profit before the wider environmental needs and we have invested in developing a vibrant ecosystem, that can sustain a wide variety of plant and animal life for its own sake.


We feel natural farming should also include the sustainable production and use of energy. On the farm we strive to limit oil dependency and have installed wind and solar energy systems alongside our bio-mass heating system which provides our heating and hot water.


Over the years we have built all the structures on the farm and have sought to use simple self-build techniques and natural materials. This culminated in the completion of our Earthen (Cob) farmhouse in 2015. Constructed entirely of natural materials mostly drawn from the farm itself and built by us and a host of volunteers.


The production of food, energy, and buildings, highlighted to us the need to address how our waste is handled. We have installed waste treatment systems for all of our human waste, from the compost toilets to a large bio-disc treatment system for the main cob farmhouse. In addition we compost all green matter and strive to reduce our use of plastics.


Through all of the above activities we believe we are contributing to the development of an alternative economy, where nature is valued, produce is reared with respect, and responsibility is taken for our energy use, our waste and our buildings. This type of approach relies on local relationships, with our customers, our suppliers, our volunteers and the local community in general. It is only by taking responsibility together than we can hope to make a positive change.